City council approves grant for pedestrian wayfinding signs

From Jessica Lane, The Express-Star.

A grant for wayfinding signs will help Chickasha’s residents and visitors explore the city.

As the name suggests, wayfinding signs help people find their way around an area. 

On Monday, the Chickasha City Council approved a grant from Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) which will provide wayfinding signs and a map of Shannon Springs Park. 

The wayfinding signs will be located at landmarks of note: Chickasha City Hall, in the Rock Island Depot area, at the Chickasha Chamber of Commerce, the Chickasha Public Library and the Chickasha YMCA. 

According to city documents about the project, wayfinding signs improve walkability, support economic development, encourage connectivity and strengthen brand identity. 

Pedestrians may especially benefit from the wayfinding signs, which will show the distance  between important landmarks as well as estimated travel time by foot. 

A Shannon Springs Park map aims to encourage physical activity by showing the mileage around the park’s trails. The sign is expected to include a detailed map of activities in the park, according to notes about the project.