Streateries get green light from Chickasha City Council

A diagram of a streatery.

Diagram of a streatery.

by Jessica Lane, The Express-Star

Streateries may soon be popping up on Chickasha Avenue.

On Tuesday night, Chickasha City Council approved guidelines for streateries to be built in the downtown area.

Streateries would allow restaurants to create a patio within loading zones or up to three parking spaces in front of the business.

According to the guidelines, streateries would make efficient use of urban space, encourage people to sit and stay in the area and enhance the streetscape.

Jim Cowan, Chickasha Economic Development Council, said this option could make some of the empty spaces downtown more attractive to potential restaurants.

Streateries would allow restaurants to offer more seating, especially during festivals. For example, the Rock Island Art Festival and Food Truck Festival take place on the same day and draw a large crowd.

While businesses would have exclusive use of their streateries during business hours, they must also be accessible as seating areas for the public after business hours.

Streateries would not be permanent structures, with the duration defined in the business’ agreement with the City of Chickasha. Streateries are required meet all guidelines and design standards. For example, the streatery must have a barrier to protect patrons from street traffic, must be ADA compliant and must not damage city property. Moreover, the materials used in the construction of the streatery, as well as any furniture, must be intended for continual outdoor use.

The guidelines note that the process for streateries is still new. Therefore, current guidelines are subject to change at the city’s discretion.