#TheGoodStuff: Open Streets

by Jim Cowan, CEDC Director

Downtown Chickasha will again be a hub of activity this weekend. Saturday morning the Rotary Run will kick off a day full of fun for all ages and then Open Streets will begin as the race activities wind down. The Rotary Run is for all ages and acts as one of Rotary’s important fundraisers. The Club uses proceeds to finance projects like the Roll Call bicycle give away that rewards kids for perfect attendance.

Open Streets promotes awareness of healthy life style choices that we all need to make. Lots of outdoor activities for kids and adults to enjoy along Chickasha avenue. This is so important in today’s world of video games and cell phones, things that didn’t exist when I was growing up. Back in the 70’s, many of us rode bicycles or walked to school. Summertime meant playing outside at a friend’s house until dark and you knew it was time to go home.

Events like the Rotary Run and Open Streets are important to the future of Chickasha. Not only is it a smart idea to be aware of healthy choices, but it’s also how we shape our Community for the future! In the coming months, you will hear more from me on the importance of walkability and being bicycle friendly. We can attract the younger generations to either stay here or to move here as we embrace these philosophies. It is a proven winning concept in other cities and as we put an emphasis on them here in Chickasha, it will help us slowly change the culture.

Many local volunteers have been meeting and planning these events for months. These volunteers will be working this Saturday to make sure both events are successful. They see the value or promoting healthy choices to everyone, but especially our youth. They see the importance of putting service above self and are working to positively impact the future of Chickasha. This is how we get better and this is definitely #TheGoodStuff!

#TheGoodStuff is a weekly column that appears in the Chickasha Express-Star.