Manufacturing Supply Lines

Chickasha is very diversified in manufacturing and provides supply chain resources for many types of products.

Connex Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance provides a free resource that allows manufacturers to visualize their supply chains, find suppliers, and access RFPs from local and national companies. Many of Chickasha’s suppliers are already listed on the Connex portal. This can be a great opportunity to forge connections with major companies that you may not otherwise have been able to contact. Local manufacturers can view this resource and add information about their companies by requesting access from OMA here. For more information, visit the OMA website or contact


Chickasha is home to major suppliers that can produce and design precision machine products, sensors and switches for the aerospace industry.  These companies have a long history and expertise of what your aerospace industry needs.  They also produce products for automotive, petroleum, medical, and security industries.

Businesses include: Badgett Corporation and HSI Sensing


Drag Reducing Agents (DRA)

Reduce pressure loss during fluid flow in a conduit or pipeline.  Used in Heavy and Medium Crude, gasoline, and diesel products.

Businesses include: LiquidPower Specialty Products, Inc (LSPI), a Berkshire Hathaway Company



Chickasha is home to several machining services including:

  • Automotive
  • Oil and Gas
  • Refrigeration
  • Agricultural
  • Print Finishing Systems

Businesses include:  Baity Screw Machine Products, Bradley Machine & Design Mag Machine Parts, Creative Metal Products, Fenimore Manufacturing

Trailer Manufacturing

  • Horse
  • Livestock
  • Toy Haulers
  • Cargo
  • Trailer parts and accessories for all types of trailers
  • Custom Living Quarters Specialists

Businesses include:  Cimarron Trailers, Hart Trailers, Redneck Trailers and Signature Quarters

Metal Coating

  •  Coating for almost any type of metal surface to prevent corrosion

Businesses include:  Enduro Bond and Metal Finishing of Chickasha


Filter Manufacturing

Our local filter companies have been in the filter industry for over 40 years.  They can manufacture filters for air, gas, liquid, dust collectors, coalescers and separaters.

Businesses include: Fleetlife, Inc.  and Royal Filter Manufacturing Company


Cooling Towers

Local cooling tower companies service a variety of industries.  Agricultural, Construction, Contracting, Data Centers, Events, Facilities management, Food & Beverage, Government, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refining, Pharmaceuticals, Renewable energy solutions, Shipping, Telecommunications and Utilities.

Businesses include: Midwest Cooling Towers, Aggreko, Service Tech Cooling Towers

Packaging Solutions

Need to package your items to ship? Chickasha has resources for you. Boxes, displays, and innovative packaging solutions for all e-commerce packaging needs.

Businesses include: Green Bay Packaging